Incognito Email Addresses


We use email for everything – from our banking, healthcare, and government accounts, to online shopping, entertainment, and talking with friends and family.

The Problem

Email is an incredible tool – but widespread use of our personal email addresses has made them a profitable target for advertisers and criminals.


For advertisers, your personal data is a gold mine and your email address is the perfect tool to identify you.

Your personal email address is globally unique, and it's become second nature to share it freely with service providers, retailers, and other organizations. However, that means any two companies that both have your personal email address can easily trade information about you.

Recently, it has become common for companies to sell our personal information. Even governments are starting to sell your personal information – both the California DMV and the Florida DMV have been found selling citizens' private data to make money.


For criminals, your inbox is a doorway to identity and financial theft.

According to a Verizon Data Breach Report, 94% of malware is sent over email and 31% of all data breaches included a phishing element. Attackers know that if a well-disguised email (often masquerading as a trusted source, or using leaked information associated with your personal email address) arrives in your inbox, there's a good chance you'll click the link, or open the file — which is often all they need to hook you as their next victim.

The Solution

Anonymous, service specific, and replaceable email addresses – incognito addresses.

Many email providers have spam blockers, but they don't catch all unwanted mail, and spam is only one barrier to a quieter, safer inbox. Incognito addresses fill in the security and privacy gap where existing email providers fall short.


Using an anonymous email address for each online service (e.g.,, gives you more control over which companies have access to your online identity. Email address anonymity makes it difficult for advertisers to share and sell your data without your consent, and it makes it difficult for criminals to deploy personalized or targeted attacks.

Service Specific

By creating a unique, anonymous email address for each online service, you make it impossible for advertisers or criminals to create identifying associations with your email alone.

In addition, using a unique email address for each service enables Owl Mail to alert you if any inbound emails are from an unexpected sender – preventing spam from reaching your inbox, and illuminating when companies may have had a data breach or sold your incognito email address.


If your personal email address is sold by a company, or leaked in a data breach, there isn't much you can do in response. Your family, friends, and co-workers reach you at that address, so it's difficult to abandon. All you can do is hope your email service is winning the war on your always-increasing spam.

In contrast, incognito addresses are easily destroyed and replaced. If you discover an incognito address has been leaked, just delete and replace it – stop spam before it begins!

The Future

Incognito address are a major step toward better privacy and security online. But, that's just the start. At Owl Mail, we plan to build the world's best email tools – creating a spam, phishing, and malware free experience with easy-to-use end-to-end encryption to all of your messages.

We hope you are as excited about quieter, safer email as we are.

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