Protect your email.

Owl Mail makes it easy to upgrade the privacy and security of your existing inbox.


Incognito Addresses

Secure, private, and anonymous.

Keep your personal email addresses private – hidden from companies and criminals.

Stop spam, phishing attempts, and malware from reaching your inbox if your email is leaked in a data breach.

Owl Mail makes it easy to create, update, and delete incognito addresses.

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Block Spam, Phishing, and Malware

Only the emails you expect.

It's estimated over 50 billion spam emails are sent each day. Many contain malicious links and dangerous attachments. Clicking the wrong link or opening the wrong file could leave your data exposed, or your accounts hacked.

Owl Mail helps you identify and block threats before they land in your inbox.


Are incognito addresses for everyone?

Yes! Other companies have already launched tools (e.g., Sign in with Apple) that help users use account-specific, anonymous email addresses. Owl Mail gives everyone – no matter what devices, websites, or apps you use – the security and privacy benefits of account-specific, anonymous email addresses.

Is Owl Mail a disposable email address service?

No. Incognito addresses are intended to be used with your online accounts – they are long lived addresses.

Does Owl Mail replace my existing email?

No. Owl Mail is an email relay with built-in protections. It runs between your inbox and the rest of the internet. You still interact with emails from within your existing inbox.

Is there an Owl Mail browser extension?

We are building a browser extension as quickly as possible!

Does Owl Mail store my emails?

No, Owl Mail does not store your emails in our database. We store as little data as possible. In the future, there will be opt-in features that require message storage – but Owl Mail will never store your messages without asking.

Can Owl Mail read my messages?

Most email is not end-to-end encrypted by default, so unless you use a tool like PGP, Owl Mail can (in theory) read your messages. However, in practice this is not practical. Your messages only exist in RAM on our servers for milliseconds while they are being processed.

Long term, we plan to build tools that help upgrade your emails to use end-to-end encryption.

How trustworthy is Owl Mail?

Our mission is to improve privacy and security for everyone online. Privacy and security are the foundation of digital human rights, which are increasingly important as our world moves online. We will work tirelessly to raise the bar.

Owl Mail will never pursue a business model in conflict with that mission, and will not sell or share your data. Plus, we use the product ourselves – entrusting Owl Mail with our own personal health care, banking, and business emails.

How secure is Owl Mail?

Security is a top priority. Owl Mail stores as little data as possible, we use the latest encryption standards for data in transit and at-rest. The services and data centers we use are the best in the world – used and managed by companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft.



100 incognito addresses

100 emails per month

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1,000 incognito addresses

1,000 emails per month

10 mailboxes

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